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ethical theory

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Every practice that involves other members of society must always follow specific elements that regulate behaviour among human beings. This requires that everything must be done concerning the set patterns. Each sub-system in the community is influenced by difference. As a school of thought, utilitarianism is one of the most used schools of thought in the solving of various dilemmas (Barilan, 2004). This theory is based on the belief that the results determine the good or the bad in the action that is carried out. According to Upton (2011), the utilitarian theory has often been relied upon as one of the pillars that determine the relationships that develop in the hospital setting. This requires that every person to operate as a part of the larger family in the hospital setting.
Some of the ideas advanced by this theory include the question of the importance of providing care to other people. The place of the care provider is well defined, and any attempt at providing care should be considered rewarding to the caregiver. This theory advances the belief that such action is of mercy. Hence, should give some element of reward to the care provider who then operates as a volunteer. Upton (2011) points out that utilitarianism advances the idea that the goodness of an act is determined by the consequences that follows. In this regard, utilitarianism is governed by the inherent desire to do well in the soc…

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