Ethical Theories Worksheet

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Ethical Theories Worksheet

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IHP 420 Ethical Theories Worksheet. Utilitarianism is a theory that proposes that the paramount action is the one that maximizes the purpose of the deed. Using this principle, I would choose to vaccinate the healthy population. I would not vaccinate those who are definitely going to die due to other ailments as vaccinating them would not maximize the utility of the vaccine.
Rights-based ethics This theory states that certain people or groups have a legal, social or ethical right over others. For instance, it is expected for children to be given a priority for the vaccine than the elderly people.
Duty-based ethics This theory recognizes the fact that each doing can result in positive and negative outcomes and that people should make their decisions anyway. Based on this argument, if I have a duty to ensure that local communities in the upcountry are enjoying a healthy, I would give them a priority and deny the urban population the chance.
Justice-based ethics This theory as explained by Aristotle suggests that decisions should be made based on a what should actually be done (Reamer, 2017). I would not allow anyone to receive the vaccine if the instructions given to me do not prioritize him or her.
Virtue-based ethics Virtue-based ethics put forward the issue of the personality and degrades justice or duty (Sambala & Manderson, 2017). Considering this suggestion, I would give priority to children and citizens with good records of conduct.
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