Ethical subjectivism and Shafer Landau Position on it

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Ethical subjectivism and Shafer Landau Position on it

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What Is Ethical Subjectivism, and Why Does Shafer-Landau Say it Generates Contradictions
Ethical subjectivism is a theory that depicts how the moral judgments on the behaviour and actions of men are arrived at based on other people’s feelings and reactions. People judge an act according to how they feel and think rather than considering the truth and facts about the action. When passing moral judgment, people rely on feelings like love, admiration, hate, disapproval or detestation. Ethical subjectivism causes contradictions since people are not allowed to create objective truths and facts concerning a moral issue; instead, the judgment is subjective (Shafer-Landau 10).
Ethical subjectivism generates contradictions since there is no ideal resolution to resolve ethical judgment. There are no universally accepted standards established to determine the truth of a person’s ultimate moral principles. Judgments passed might be right, false or irrational depending on the arguments applied. Normative theory of subjectivism specify the conditions or rules under which an action is accepted to be morally right or wrong (Shafer-Landau 11). The contradiction in this theory arises from the fact that the rules are set by the self-interested parties who seek to escape anarchy or punishment (Shafer-Landau 12). The laws are only applicable if the person judging the action approves to it and personal disapproval is not put into consider…

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