Ethical principles for Research

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Ethical principles for Research

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Ethical principles for Research

Ethical principles for Research
The Belmont report discussed some of the essential ethical considerations when researchers intend to use human subjects for biomedical and behavioral research. It is crucial to determine how such researchers could research acceptably. Three core issues are to be considered which include beneficence, justice and respect to the individual. The paper will provide the importance of these essential factors while undertaking research using human subjects.
The medical fraternity takes Hippocratic Oath o to ensure that they acceptably perform their practice. One of the principles values included in the Belmont report also present in the Hippocratic oath is beneficence. It states that individuals undertaking such research should not harm the patient United States (National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, 1978). At the conclusion of any research, the human subjects involved should be experiencing the maximum possible benefits.
The other principle considered in the Belmont report is the respect for the individuals involved in the researchers. The researchers would be compelled to respect the hymen subjects and treat them as best as they can while observing all their rights. Respecting the people involved in the research would also mean that these individuals should be well educated about what kind of research they will be included in and sign…

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