Ethical Norms

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Ethical Norms

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Ethical Norms
Ethical norms are behaviors that society expects from people; these behaviors help people avoid bad behavior (Dewey, 2016). On the other hand, values help people determine what is right or wrong while beliefs are standards of thought that do not necessarily prompt action. All these contribute to ethical norms in that people have certain sets of values that they uphold, as such, this guides them to behave according to societal expectations. Some of the shortcomings of values and beliefs are that they may influence people to behave in a way that other societies view as wrong. More so, they may influence people to become rigid and judgmental towards people who behave or believe differently. They may also increase the fear of change and distort spiritual growth. Customs are practices that are observed by people in a particular culture while traditions are customs that are passed on from one generation to another. They both contribute to ethical norms as they dictate how people should behave within a certain culture. The disadvantage of customs and traditions is that at times they may fail to evolve and may become discriminatory or restrictive in the modern world.

Faith is a strong belief towards a certain doctrine such as traditional or religion, on the other hand, science is a methodically arranged body of knowledge explaining various things about the universe. Faith and science contribute to ethical norms in the sense that they both define the manner of behavior,…

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