Ethical issues facing the organization

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Ethical issues facing the organization

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Ethical issues facing the organization: corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CRS) is defined as the manner in which a business organization takes responsibility for their activities and decision on the surrounding society, the environment, and the finances. The corporate social responsible business has realized the importance of the society and the environment for the business success as shown in (Allen, 2011). CRS become an ethical issue when a business corporation ignores their impacts on the society and the environment and focus on a sole duty of making the profit. Most Jamaican business organizations are aware of CRS but have a misconception of the whole idea as a representation of philanthropic activity toward the society. This makes the CRS become an ethical concern since a business that is not based on integrity and trust, its operations becomes unethical. One time the Canadian high commissioner in Jamaica stated that conducting good business is good for the business environment (Allen, 2011). This meant doing business with integrity, will ensure business stability and incur genuine profits for the organization.
The issue can also be analyzed from various ethical perspectives that included utilitarian, moral rights and justice as explained below. From a utilitarian viewpoint, actions are judged to be good or wrong based on their results as shown in ( Kvale, 1996). In this perspective, the end o…

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