Ethical Hacking wk1

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Ethical Hacking wk1

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Ethical Hacking
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Ethical Hacking
An ethical hacker is a security professional with the knowledge of how to investigate and exploit vulnerability as well as weakness in the various system. Ethical hackers use the same expertise as a malicious hacker. However, they legitimately use their skills since their motive is to find the vulnerability in the system and fix it before malicious hackers hack it.
For one to be an ethical hacker, he must meet some requirement threshold by undertaking the certification course. The CEH V9 is the certification course which will equip the ethical hacker student with required skills which are important in the ethical hacking profession. Many bodies are offering the ethical hacking certificate. However, the most preferred one is the hacking certificate which is offered by the EC-Council which is recommended by most of the companies.
EC-Council may organize the training through workshops clinics where people interested in the training will register. The EC-Council has a toolkit with 2-day boot camps to allow students to spend maximum time with the trainers to explain them how to use the hacking applications. EC-Council may require students to have some work experience however for those who lack work experience are forced to go for five days training (Mobile Security Tool Kit n.d). For one to do well in the course, one needs to have skills in computer programming. Such capabilities may include window and Linu…

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