Ethical Considerations for MNCs

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Ethical Considerations for MNCs

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Ethical Considerations for MNCs
Question 1
Multinational corporations face the dilemma of selecting between home and host ethical standards. The ultimate solution that the MNCs can utilize is to base their decisions on the ‘moral free space’ that exist in most cultures in the form of consistent norms (Roy 145). The consistent norms that exist within the ‘moral free space’ express the cultural beliefs of society while allowing room for exceptions along with the desire to combine judgment with an understanding of a situation. In this manner, the MNCs can operate in the ethical grey area that allows interpretation according to outcomes. Hypernorms can also help because they represent moral concepts that are necessary to sufficiently serve as the basis for evaluation and criticism accorded to communal generated norms (Roy 145). Ideally, they are the benchmarks that separate right from good. Thus, the combination of ‘moral free space’ and Hypernorms will provide the MNCs with the avenue to implement ethical standards whose interpretation of right and good allows acceptability in different cultures.
Question 2
Bribe represents the action of providing incentives in an exchange with the outcome of promoting corruption (Roy 145). An example of a bribe in international business operations includes either the provision of free goods and services or the exception of individuals from loan payment with the return of receiving favors. Whil…

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