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ethical concerns

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Ethical Standards and Hospital Policies
The day-to-day life involves making decision. Some of these decisions arise from moral, ethical or practical problems. A moral problem is the one which makes a person not to do what they think is wrong. On the other side, in an ethical problem, one has to apply particular principles to determine what is right. In the article DNR in the OR: Ethical Concerns and Hospital Policies by Leah, the ethical standard being discussed is the physicians’ responsibility in educating the patients so that they can make informed decisions. Often, the physicians are in a dilemma whether they should respect the will of the patient even when they believe that they is something that they can do to protect the life of the patient. Most patients do not know the difference between accidental anesthesia-induction and cardiac arrest due to various factors such as age. If the patients are educated, then, they will be able to make the right choices and the physicians will be able to do they work without fear of jeopardizing their professionalism. Also, appropriate information will assist the physician to give the patient alternative ways. In so doing, those who still opt for DNR should have something to identify them so that the medical practitioners do not accidentally resuscitate the person (Curtin 31).
The providers decide for or against a medical intervention depending on the capacity of the patient. They cons…

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