essay application for finance program at Uconn

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essay application for finance program at Uconn

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Finance Degree at the University of Connecticut
I moved to the United States 4 years ago with my father and three brothers, and this was a great transition for me because of the language. I am from the Republic of Ecuador, where English is not one of the recognized languages. So, I had to take ESL classes for two years at NCC Norwalk community college to boost my language before I could settle for one course that I have always desired throughout my life. I have been taking these classes even in summers to help me balance my work schedules as well. I have been working and studying at the same, and now I have two jobs; one as a server at a restaurant and another in a cafeteria as a barista. These jobs have helped me a great deal, especially, to pay for my studies.
Today, I am glad I am about to complete my degree in General Studies. After this course, I would like to pursue a degree program in finance at the University of Connecticut (UConn). This field interests me because of many factors. First, from my childhood, I have always dreamed of becoming a financial expert so that I can trade successfully in the financial markets. Second, I want to major in finance as my life career. My career objective is to be one of the best financial experts, UConn has ever produced. I believe the university has the capacity and everything I need for this program.
Lastly, as I offer myself as a finance degree program candidate, I bring to the table eons of…

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