Essay 2

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Essay 2

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Essay 2
The common definition of education is the possession of knowledge in academics, citizenship, and basic life skills. Education is important in the sense that it enables people live a more complete and purposeful life by developing and nurturing essential skills and values. By recognizing the importance of open-minded inquiry, people are able to accept that, while they seek certitude, contexts and perspective are the best that may be attainable. By recognizing that growth is a lifelong process, people can begin working towards missions and goals whose culmination may lie beyond their lifetime. Therefore, in defining the meaning of the term “educated,” it is imperative to recognize that success in an ever-evolving world demands an unwavering commitment to learning.
To be educated, one must possess a number of traits, namely knowledge, abilities, and mindset. Knowledge is a critical component of being “educated.” The common usage of the term “knowledge” involves propositional knowledge, which usually assumes the form “A knows that Z.” Therefore, it is expected that an educated individual should, for example, know that the heart is responsible for circulating blood throughout the body, that pterosaurs were a species of flying reptiles during the age of the dinosaur, that the square of three is nine, and that corn is low in vitamins and proteins and rich in carbohydrates. When establishing the information possessed by an edu…

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