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As an individual, I have been a procrastinator for as long as I can recall. Procrastination is the one terrible habit that has influenced both my physical, academic and social life. It refers to “delaying of a task that was originally planned” (Thakkar, 2009). For example, I often do an assignment or read for my exams the night before the due date. Research has proven that the highest number of procrastinators are the school and college going people. In my opinion, modern technology is what makes us procrastinate because it offers us short-cuts like Wikipedia.
Many procrastinators will agree with me that it is a harmful habit. For instance, when I realize I am left with only a few hours to complete an assignment, I end up getting anxious. In class, I get stressed if I did a task in a hurry because I feel I have not done enough. Eventually, I fail my papers because I did not put enough effort into it. When it comes to my social relationships with friends and family, this habit has messed them up over time. They have lost trust in me since I cannot keep time. Honestly, I have lost good friends over the years.
I have been trying to get rid of and change this habit for the last year. Some of the things I have been doing to achieve this are breaking my tasks into small portions, often starting with the hardest tasks especially early in the morning and motivating myself. Sometimes, I reward myself and avoid punishing myse…

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