Errors and Error Correction for ESL learners

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Errors and Error Correction for ESL learners

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The attitude with which a professor or teacher passes the comments from the assignment is critical in ensuring that the student is motivated to do better in subsequent exams. If a teacher passes the information using the wrong approach, the desire for the student to learn more may diminish and this will results in null from any efforts made to enhance the reading and writing capabilities of the student. I believe that the main role of the teacher is to educate and to help improve the educational level of students.
I do not agree with the supposition that teachers only focus on highlighting the mistakes of the students without assessing whether the student passed the message or not. I say this because I am a student and I have seen the way teachers respond to my mistakes and the mistakes of my fellow students during submission of written work (Truscott, 2007). Approaching marking with the attitude of marking the entire work red without considerations for the message passed, regardless of how small, is a very discouraging trend which can hinder academic progress for the student.
A vital consideration when passing information related to correction of submitted assignments and exams is the fact that a student failing in written and spoken English does not automatically fail in the other subjects. When such a person travels to the United States, the United Kingdom or other countries where English is the language of inst…

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