Equilibrium vs 1984

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Equilibrium vs 1984

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Equilibrium vs. 1984
Equilibrium is a dystopian film, directed by Kirk Wimmer in a futuristic society where the regime is very strict, and everyone has to take a drug known as Prozium to remove human emotion. The features of dystopian society are evident in the entire film. For instance, the clerics are supers soldiers whose job is to destroy the past and also to kill anyone against the government which is considered a terrorist. Similarly, the features of dystopian society are also evident in the George Orwell’s novel titled “1984.” For instance, the citizens are watched all the time through telescreens that are set up throughout Oceania (Kakutani 3). In short, there are differences and similarities, existing between the film and the novel that characterizes a dystopian society.
In both Equilibrium and 1984, there is a sense of rebellion against the government. In 1984, the rebellion was referred to as Brotherhood while in Equilibrium it is referred to as the underground. Both are in constant war with the government. To realize the goal of defeating the party eventually, both Julia and Winston agree “ to lie, to steal, to forge, murder, to encourage drug-taking and prostitution, to disseminate Duhamel 4 venereal diseases and to throw vitriol in a child’s face” (Orwell 273). They are against the government’s ideology that denies them human emotion and wants to be free. The Tetra-grammatons in Eq…

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