Equality in the United States

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Equality in the United States

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Equality in the United States
The issue of equality in the United States (U.S) has been debated for a long time. As much as the government is trying to ensure that there is equality among them, there is still more to be done. Equality is guaranteeing that individuals or a group of people are not treated differently or less favored on the basis of their race, age, disability or religion, and it can take various dimensions. For instance political, social and economic equality. In this paper, I will elaborate on the type of political equality that exists in the U.S and where people fail to provide political equality. I will also talk about social equality and how much should exist in the U.S as well as how much economic equality the country needs to ensure that is in place.
Political equality is whereby all citizens are given the right to freely participate in political acts such as voting, campaigns or contacting elected officials among others. It is a clear way of enhancing democracy in the United States. Currently, the U.S can be applauded by giving every citizen the right to participate in the voting process. However, the state needs to work on its responsiveness to its citizen’s political opinions. The wealthy people have more influence on the decisions made by the government regarding policies. Therefore, equal representation of both upper and lower class people should be considered.
Social equality means pe…

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