Equal Employment Opportunity and HRM R

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Equal Employment Opportunity and HRM R

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Equal Employment Opportunity and HRM
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I think that banning people from wearing hijabs or any other religious materials and symbols is a form of religious discrimination which is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I believe that the employer who fired Muslim women for wearing their head scuffs violated the law Brent (Goff Reports, 2017). The workplace is supposed to create an environment that is free from religious discrimination, and the same opportunity needs to be the same for every religion. Muslim head coverings, as well as other religious self-expression items including cross earrings and jewelry, are permitted at work in the USA. Forbidding religiously recognized form of dressing calls for religious discrimination litigations (Anti-Defamation League, 2012).
Pregnant women can be victimized in their place of work attributable to their conditions. The pregnancy discrimination Act of 1978 is a law that was created to protect pregnant women from discrimination. The pregnancy discrimination act of 1978 is an adjustment to title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 (Deardorff & Dahl, 2016). It forbids employers from discriminating their employees due to pregnancy, childbirth and other related medical issues. For instance, a boss cannot decline to employ a pregnant woman and cannot deny them the opportunity to come back to work after childbirth.
The Equality Act of 2010 is a law in the…

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