Epidemiology problem solving

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Epidemiology problem solving

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Epidemiology Problem Solving
Question 1 (a)
The survey administered in Western Nebraska is an ecological study. The nature of the questions asked implies that one was seeking to independently and separately establish the rate of being overweight and smoking amongst the participants (sample). The analysis of the data collected in the study can then be used to identify possible cases that need to be studied, like the relationship between smoking and being overweight.
Question 1 (b)
To analyze this data, I will compute the basic statistics (measures of dispersion and measures of central tendency) of each variable (smoking and being overweight) separately. That would give a statistical summary of each of the variables. After that, I will try to establish if there is a relationship between the variables or not by computing the correlation between being overweight and smoking.
Question 2 (a)
The kind of study in this question is a case-control study. In establishing the sample, the study demanded a specified population pointing to a specific case. For this study, the case was stomach ulcers, and the established comparison group (controls) is individuals without stomach ulcers. Both the controls and the case group are evaluated of their past exposure to coffee he researchers sought to establish any connection between coffee and stomach ulcers and therefore, the goal of the study is already defined and tied to the case.
Question 2 (b)

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