Environmental Science 2

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Environmental Science 2

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Part A
Agriculture has been the backbone and the primary source of food globally. However, as a result of rapid population increase, improved methods of cultivation are essential to ensure that there is a constant supply of food to serve the growing population. However, the resources necessary to support the required high level of agricultural production are vast. In the real world, the rate of population growth has been seen as geometric as the food supply is arithmetic (Malthus, 1978).

The central concept portrayed in the modules is that the population growth rate has been considered as a threat to food security. Therefore programs have been put in place to provide individuals with knowledge and skills which will help them deal with the problem of food security. The plans also help them on how to make use of naturally available resources together with other management strategies to enable them to eliminate poverty within their communities. The program’s primary goal is to improve the conditions which limit agricultural production the rural areas and some of the peri-urban areas. Mainly its done through the advancement of skills and values in the community. As other countries especially the developing countries are trying to deal with the problem of food insecurity other countries, for instance, developed nations like the USA where the supply of food is higher than the demand, more land has been withdrawn from cultivation and has been converted to other uses due to technol…

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