Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

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Environmental Issues and the Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution and the Environment
Industrial Revolution and the Environment
Since the 19th Century, human beings have experienced a period of rapid industrialization. This was caused by the discovery of new ways of production, exploration of minerals, wars and conflicts, population growth and many other reasons. Industrialization was one of the positive steps taken to enable a country amass wealth. However, industrialization has its negative impacts on people’s lives. The environment is the most affected part of human life. Whenever the environment is not protected and maintained, the human beings, plants, and animals are bound to suffer. Due to the concerns raised, countries such as the United States of America have adopted various mechanisms to protect the environment from being destroyed by industrialization.
Three Environmentally Adverse Impacts of the Industrial Revolution
Coal energy was developed in order to satisfy the energy demands that had outstripped supply. Many industries were started in the United States and European countries. In addition, people needed electricity to power their homes especially after the invention of the light bulb. Advancement in transport technology also led the manufacture of electric trains in several European countries. All these facilities required electric power to run. As a result, cheap energy sources were required. Coal was preferred since it was cheap and readily available….

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