Entrepreneurship Exercise 6 SWOT

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Entrepreneurship Exercise 6 SWOT

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Entrepreneurship exercise
STRENGTH – IncredibleApps has hired the best mobile app developer in the world, programming whiz kid Anna Maria Gutierrez. At age 17, Anna has a global reputation and companies from around the world are clamoring for her apps.
OPPORTUNITY – A recent study by Businessweek has found that brick-and-mortar companies which have no mobile or internet presence find it difficult getting customers in Generation X, Y and Z markets. The study also found that these companies can increase their chances of getting more customers in these markets by launching a mobile app.
By hiring the best developer of mobile apps, IncredibleApps has increased its competitive advantage in providing customers and clients with quality mobile and internet presence. The brick-and-mortar companies would be looking for the best mobile app provider to grow their customer base. Hence, IncredibleApps should be targeting to partner with these companies as their provider for mobile apps services. The company should focus on developing quality mobile apps specific to the Generation X, Y, and Z populations to seize the opportunity presented by the brick-and-mortar companies’ need to reach those markets.
STRENGTH – IncredibleApps has a very strong marketing and public relations function; It knows how to cash in on public relations and publicity opportunities. If there’s good news about mobile apps in the air, IncredibleApps know…

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