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The Future of Advertising is in the Hands of Ad Blockers by Laura Desmond
In the article, Laura attempts to poke holes in the current landscape of ads whereby he agrees with the opinions of University of Texas students that currently, the design and content of ads business needs a complete facelift. The students echoed the stance of Laura that if the people responsible for designing the ads put more efforts on content, then the whole of the advertisement industry would benefit immensely (Desmond 1). When Laura introduced the topic of ad blocking, she was amazed that most of them often blocked ads on their digital devices even though they were studying advertising. However, the author could not agree more to their explanation as they were rational justifications.
First, the students are interested in getting value for their time and attention in that the ads must be entertaining, informative and creative. One student cited an advertisement named “OK Cupid’s DTF campaign” which they said was relevant and meaningful. Laura agrees with this student that companies need to conduct enough research on their target audience for each ad campaign (Desmond 1). Second, students argued that any ad that gets past their ad blocking software they perceive it to be credible and exciting thus they pay more attention to it. An advert that does not filtrate through the blocking software it is deemed as having poor content and poorly targete…

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