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England Security

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England Security
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Major Events in pre-20th Century England
This paper is based on analysing and discussing the various events that led to security development in the pre-20th century England. The article also focuses on the events that happened in the United States and contributed to the development of private security. The paper will focus on the phase of evolution that has enhanced security in both England and the United States. Private security is also discussed exclusively plus the factors that ensured its development. Most of the events described in this paper happened majorly in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.
There are four phases of evolution in security which are known as the Reith’s 4 phases. These stages include,
The search for collective security
Need for rules and laws
Some people would not obey laws
The means to compel observance of the rules.
The separation of public and private security featured in the 19th century. The evolution of private security was enhanced by the quest for improved personal protection of the human beings as well as their possessions. In the ancient times, people used physical things such as gates, weapons, walls and cliff dwellings to provide security for themselves. The rulers would appoint people to offer them with security; this leads to the evolution of the early police. The ancient protection systems were followed by the Frankpledge system CITATION Hal03 l 2057 (Halsall, 2003). This…

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