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Engineering Admissions Essay

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My graduation from Case Western University with MBA in Organization change has what I considered my greatest accomplishment ever. Apart from the academic excellence I had gained, this is also where I met my husband of 11 years.We could later go on and start a family that at present, consists of 3 children.They have been an amazing company that pushes me to pursue my dreams and passions in life.
For as long as my memory can take me back, I have always dreamed of a senior career in business management. I have, over the years had an outstanding desire to oversee Organizational development and particularly Organizational change. Whereas others just view it as an instant thing and the hardest task to handle, I have personally taken it in as an adventure, a joy and a critical process with long-term consequences on any business organization. When and how it’s done requires an elaborate master plan and a series of evaluations to ensure that when it’s finally implemented, everybody attached to the organization is on par with the changes. We are all part of an organization in various ways and any change, therefore, has an effect on us.
After graduation, I would go on to work with Six Sigma Black Belt and Change Agent. This is where I came to realize the need to take my studies a notch higher. With the knowledge I had gained so far from Universi…

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