Energy Pathways

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Energy Pathways

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Energy Pathways
In many instances, people tend to think of aerobic training whenever exercises are involved. This is influenced by huge energy classes present especially in gyms. For this reason, it is significant to evaluate similarities as well as differences as shown by the body’s response to both aerobic and anaerobic training.
In aerobic training, the body carries oxygen through one’s breath to the muscles hence granting them the desired strength to sustain the exerted force. On the other hand, anaerobic training lacks oxygen thus leading to the production of common lactic acid, leading to muscle pain (Bushman et al., 21). It is worth noting that anaerobic training is done to attain quick results especially for competition purposes or for “summer body.” However, its outcomes are short-term due as it lacks continuity. Repeating these cycles will help to keep the desired physical looks but not the quality of life.
Aerobic training helps to condition one’s body by maintaining the desired weight and improving the RMB of the person involved. In other words, the exercise aids in enhancing the quality of life as the body engages in burning off the excess fat in the body.
Adopting either of the two pieces of training will help to enhance the quality of life of an individual. Engaging in only anaerobic exercises will strengthen one’s sprints in short distances. Also, aerobic training will facilitate the burning of the body fat…

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