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Energy examination

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South Akron’s Source of Energy
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South Akron’s Source of Energy
Primary Types of Energy in South Akron
The primary types of energy that powers my home in South Akron, Ohio, include electricity (mainly from coal), natural gas and nuclear energy (Ohio PUCO, 2018). These energy sources are nonrenewable; they get depleted with time. Nonrenewable sources are found occurring naturally in the earth’s surface though they take a long time to form, which explains why their supply is limited. The primary types of energy in South Akron are nonrenewable, though renewable energy such as hydropower, geothermal energy, biomass energy and wind energy also power homes in the region. Renewable sources of energy occur in nature hence can be replenished. However, the production of renewable energy is done in small scale.
Coal is a fossil fuel occurring naturally beneath the earth’s surface. It generates 59% of Ohio’s electricity (Ohio PUCO, 2018). When coal is burnt, it produces a significant amount of heat which is used to produce electricity though converting water into steam and using it to run steam turbines. This steam which is under high pressure turns a turbine’s blades; the turbine is connected to a generator. The generator spins and in the process converts the mechanical energy into electricity. Coal power plants in the region that produce electricity to power South Akron include W. H. Sammis Power plant, under the FirstEnergy Corporation. The Fir…

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