Emotions in ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Selina Jamil

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Emotions in ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Selina Jamil

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The Story of an Hour
Between 1867 and 1877, Chopin was among the women who had opposed the expectations of the social society for the duties of women particularly the wives after they got married. The story was then known as “The Dream of an Hour” in 1894 before the title was changed to “The story of an Hour” in 1895. Regardless of whether it was a story or a dream, the story takes one hour full of drama. It begins with Mrs. Mallard receiving the sad news of the death of her husband and ends with her death after suddenly spotting her husband at the door. Jamil starts by stating the importance of freedom for married women. In her thesis, she says that most women after getting married, the society views them as a property of the man and do not have free will.
The heart is most often than not used to represent or symbolize emotions and love in the Western culture. Mrs. Mallard receives the news in this unique situation with joy, as she becomes a free Louise (Jamil, 2). Selina Jamil supports her thesis when she states that the heart problem was not just a physical ailment but resulted to the emotional, psychological burden that was caused by the powerful will of the husband that silenced Mrs. Mallards own will. The actions that took place were all attributed to the emotions.
Life in the 19th century limited the independence of women once they got married. Jamil references the four scholars Evans, Cunningham, Daniel and Jeremy to…

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