Emergency Planning

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Emergency Planning

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Emergency Planning
In the entire emergency planning process, I consider the preparedness phase as the most crucial phase in emergency management. The phase entails all the plans and preparations that are necessary for handling a disaster or emergency as observed by Yang et al. (2013). I consider the phase as the most important because the development of a sound emergency plan is imperative to the successful execution of emergency response if the emergency stakeholders adhere to the plan while responding to the emergency. The stage details the safety of all staffs and individuals during the crisis. Some of the emergency measures in the preparation phase include identifying all essential actions and supplies, specific roles of each actor, critical positions, the delegation of appropriate authorities, orders of succession, and communication. The measures and activities also include identifying secure locations for the staffs, as well as identifying and testing communication methods between the different sites affected by the disaster or emergency.
Notably, the planning phase is the most critical phase in the emergency management process because it details all the safety actions and measures that the emergency actors and other individuals will undertake to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. The preparedness or preparation phase refers to the continuous process of planning, organizing, equipping, training, exer…

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