Emergency Plan

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Emergency Plan

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Emergency Plan
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Emergency Plan
In any environment, emergencies are bound to occur, and it is best if they are anticipated to occur. Under emergency management, evacuation is a must happen in an emergency situation. However, stakeholders to the emergency plan ought to know beforehand what to do when the unfortunate finally happens. The management ought to consider the kind of businesses they engage in on a daily basis, the number of employees and realistic expectations in the event an emergency occurs (OSHA, 2011).
While considering the already outline as base values in the development of an evacuation plan, the management should first find out what conditions would necessitate an evacuation. Not all the emergency situations result in the abandonment of premises (OSHA, 2011). Also, in cases where safe passage outside of the building becomes impossible, a room should exist where visitors and members of the premises can shelter.
A successful evacuation process would require that a chain of command exists so that mix-ups do not delay the rescue exercise. In an environment where directions lack, many things go wrongs (OSHA, 2011). In coming up with a plan, the management should lay out the chain of command in the event of an emergency. The determinations of the administration ought to reach the targeted audience and stakeholders (“9 Key Points to Develop an Emergency Action Plan”, 2017).
When getting into the intricate matters of the p…

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