Emergency Management 2

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Emergency Management 2

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Emergency management is also known as disaster management is amongst the disciplines that deal with avoidance of risk and hazards. Emergency management engages the preparation, mitigation support, and recovery of the community or society during an occurrence of manmade catastrophes such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters such as floods, drought, and hurricanes among many others. Emergency management is the method by which government and private agencies practice to avoid disaster or to manage a disaster to minimize the effects of the disaster on the sociological, emotional, and physical aspects of the people’s lives. Most often emergency occurs when least expected, as a result, successful disaster management is often dependent on the comprehensive and systematic planning of both private levels that is, businesses to ensure business continuity. And government level to ensure the protection of properties and lives. The process of having efficient and effective emergency management is dependent on the policymakers and leaders who are tasked to organize the process related to the management of a particular society in case of a disaster. Emergency management mostly relies on the sociological as well as the economic aspect of the society. There are different phases of emergency planning such include mitigation.

Phases of disaster management
Disaster mitigation includes all the activities that aim at preventing the perils that can cause an emergency and at som…

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