Emergence management

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Emergence management

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Emergency Management
Emergency Management
World Health Organization (WHO) defines emergencies as situations where normal proceedings are compromised, and abrupt interventions are required to prevent those situations from turning into disasters (WHO, 2018). Hence, emergency management is vital towards the avoidance of disasters, which are often even hard to recuperate from entirely. From that, we can define emergency management as the management and organization of responsibilities and resources for tackling all facets of emergencies by exhibiting responsiveness, preparedness, and recovery. The goal is to lessen the impacts of all disasters, including hazards. Also, worth noting is that emergency management is slightly different from disaster management (Schwab et al., 2016).
In most cases, the initial step when formulating an emergency management strategy is to carry out risk valuation to pin out possible emergency situations. Comprehension of what can transpire can enable one to identify supplies needed and to develop procedures and plans to ready the involved. The emergency strategy ought to be parallel to the performance objective. At the very least, each stakeholder ought to formulate and carry out an emergency strategy for defending personnel, contractors, visitors, and anybody else in the building. In all emergencies, the first urgency is always to save lives. The second urgency is to stabilize the situation (Schwab et al., 2016)…

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