Elvis Presley Graceland

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Elvis Presley Graceland

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Review on the Graceland
The story of Elvis Presley embodies success and determination. During his lifetime, he was able to produce some of the greatest songs such as which entertained the past generation and today’s age. As a result, it is necessary to immortalize him by having his home as a Museum. He bought this home when his career was at a peak. It was at his period that people hero-worshipped him and identified with his songs. Generally, the purpose of any museum is to offer rare insight into the history and telling a story through a collection of artifacts and other relics. These collections serve to inform people of the success of the people in the past and how they lived their lives.
The Graceland exemplifies the resilience of the King who believed in his dream and always told his parents that they would one be wealthy. It is, therefore, essential for the people from all over the country to visit the home of the legend and spend a minute the air of confidence and self-assurance that change is possible if they put their mind on it (Alderman & Joshua 3). In visiting the Graceland, the individuals will be provided with glimpses of the past life of the king who revolutionized the way music was perceived.
The home is elegantly designed by Thomas and Ruth to offer a rare chance of experiencing a piece of work indeed. It has four columns that provide support to the roof. A visit to Graceland creates an experience that is second to n…

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