Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The struggle and contribution for the American women’s right to own property, vote, and have equality in marriage have been a significant factor in the present world. Women are enjoying a catalog of justice. The female gender is no longer denied access to higher education as compared to the old days. A woman can attain any form of academic desire and be accepted by the job market everywhere. Besides, women are receiving equal pay with consideration to their professions (Elizabeth Cady Stanton n.p). Unlike the past, women could be punished and had no custodial rights in case of a divorce.
The formation of women movements in the 1840s gave the present woman the right to vote. The formed associations both at global and national events were arranged to give women voting rights, and it has enabled an equal society where women get equal treatment to men. A woman has the right to vote for a leader by her choice. Husbands no longer have rights over the first total control over their wives that include beating and detaining them (Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Women’s Rights National Historical Park n.p). Presently, ladies can acquire knowledge as compared to the past where no college had the right to admit the female gender. In the current world, there is freedom for interracial marriage without criticism from the society.
Currently, women have self-confidence and self-respect and no longer rely on men….

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