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Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel’s Night
The “Night” was the first novel of Elie Wiesel’s on the Holocaust concentration. It is an autobiographical novel which records Elie Wiesel long night of the incarceration in the death camp of Nazi in the Second World War. The narrator of the book who is Elie was forced to go to Auschwitz from his village, and he became detached from his sister as well as his mother, and if not that enough, he witnessed the decline as well as the death of his father. Eventually, he was liberated at the end of the Second World War.
The words of the Wiesel are so meek, but yet they are heartbreaking as well as powerful. Elie Wiesel continues describing the struggle which he endured together with his father every day from one month to another in Nazis hand. The way he and his father marched in snow hardly with no shoes or clothing at all. He even describes how he watched the son of Nazi killed his father just because of a bread crust and the way SS officer beat his father when he was half dead (Wiesel, 86).
The recollection of Elie Wiesel experience in the Holocaust is mainly haunting as well as vivid. Wiesel’s words are merely heavy with desolation, darkness and of no faith in the middle of evil. Wiesel’s story can also be observed as all European Jews story who suffered in Adolf Hitler reign (Wiesel, 86). The time when Wiesel lost faith as well as begins doubting God can be reflected as the Jewish experience just before and after …

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