Elements of Operational Design (Military)

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Elements of Operational Design (Military)

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Elements of Operational Design
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Elements of Operational Design
Operational art and design are cognitive tactics used by superiors and staffs in the army, concerning their knowledge, creativity, skills, judgment, and experience. The function of operational design is to develop operations and campaigns that help in employing and organizing the “military forces by integrating ends, ways and means” (Spišák & Micánek, 2016). Brigadiers, SGM, and other heads use operations planning processes to implement the operational art by focusing on the elements of the design. This article highlights the aspects of operational design.
The key elements of operational design include the decisive point, termination, center of gravity, line of operation, culmination, arranging operations, line of efforts, forces and functions, objective, military end state, anticipation, direct and indirect approach, effect, and operational reach. The staff always attempt to improve their understanding of the above elements in the environment of operations throughout their duty’s execution.
The operational approach is a collection of the description of the broad action that the forces Joint Force Commanders (JFC) ought to understand so that they can achieve their desired objectives. It is the way the JFC visualizes their operations and how they can spearhead a transformation of their actual condition to meet their desired end. It is a projection of th…

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