Electronic Resources for Healthcare

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Electronic Resources for Healthcare

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Electronic Resources for Healthcare
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Currently, technological advancements are steadily affecting ways in which a vast area of healthcare operates. Previously, communication within different areas of healthcare posed some challenges that led to a misdiagnosis, patient-healthcare provider confusion, and fraudulent health records. There are evidence-based applications, automated websites, and multimedia resources that provide timely communication between patients, health care providers, stakeholders, and government agencies. A plethora of studies have indicated that electronic resources for healthcare have changed how healthcare records are handled. However, in the last few decades, these studies have only assessed the relationship between healthcare electronic resources and patient care confining their data on privacy, and personalized care. The approach from these studies creates a gap in knowledge as there is a need to assess the interaction between these resources and caregivers, patient, and family members. Thus, there is a need to understand these resources beyond health records. This paper succinctly assesses three electronic resources for healthcare focusing on their use and the implications in the healthcare industry.
Electronic Resources for Healthcare
Description of the Resources
One of the electronic resources available is Healthjump. The website has been adopted by different healthcare institutions including Ketter…

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