Electronic Medication For Patient Safety

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Electronic Medication For Patient Safety

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Electronic medication for patient safety.
Many lives are lost every day as a result of avoidable medication errors. Adoption of proven technology to eradicate these errors is, therefore, a major priority (Gozdan et al., 2018). At our facility, we believe that technology can enable us to meet our targets of improving the safety of our patients. One such technology is the use of barcode medication administration systems that have greatly reduced medication errors.
Barcode medication administration verifies and approves the medication process. It ensures that the right patient receives the correct dosage and at the appropriate time. It also makes sure that the right procedure of medical administration is followed. The system just requires a nurse to scan his or her employee’s identification card in order to identify themselves and then the barcode on the patient’s wristband to identify the patient correctly. After identifying the personnel and the right patient, the nurse then scans the barcode on the medication in order to identify the drug correctly. The data captured is analyzed with the aid of computer software where warnings or approvals are then generated.
One of the major barriers to the widespread adoption of the barcode’s technology is costly. They are expensive to purchase, install and maintain. Medication overrides can also be partly attributed to the barcodes (Shah et al., 2016). Problems with the equipment include aging scanners and improved type of barc…

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