Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic Medical Records

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Electronic Medical Records
Dr. Jonas, a private practice doctor who admits patients at two local hospitals, uses different types of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system at the various work locations that he visits. This use of different EMR system can be hectic and at times and might bring confusion having to juggle between the systems to link or re-enter patients’ information. This paper presents a proposal on what DR. Jonas might do to avoid these problems.
The most straightforward thing that the doctor should do is to integrate the three EMR software into one comprehensive system. EMR is a full repository of all-round information about all patients seeking medical help (Mathai, Shiratudin and Sohel 1). Many EMR solutions exist in the market. What he ought to do is to scout for an EMR system that can handle the three programs hence assimilate the records from a central unit.
To put a new EMR system in place, Dr. Jonas must set aside resources for an up-to-date medical administration programming which will aid in his daily operations and at the same time ensure all proper documentation of all the information in his practice irrespective of the hospital. These programs provide that the doctor not only secures information about the client’s health progress but also the financial details or insurance records of the patient. Moreover, EMR will ensure a well-secured source of a patient extensive medical history.

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