Electronic Health Record

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Electronic Health Record

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Electronic Health Record
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Electronic Health Records refer to systems whose chief aim is to make available a patient’s health records. The technological aspect of the system ensures that the system works appropriately. The system also avails this information over a wider geographical location thus making it easier to assist a patient on the go no matter their location. This element of the system brings about coordination. Therefore, to implement an Electronic Health Record successfully, a good network connection needs to be implemented. The implementation of HER is not limited to a given type of medical purpose. However, the medical installation intending to implement the system may decide to focus on a given type of medical service. To fully understand the effectiveness of HER, it is important to discuss its two key elements. These are the coordination and the technology. The system utilizes these aspects to provide the desired results.
Technology & Quality
Most of the initial technologies involved the implementation of systems that are stand alone on a single computer. However, the modern times have brought about systems that are always available online and are consistently updating their databases via closed networks that make use of virtual private networks (Cucciniello et al., 2015). The most recent application of the systems is the introduction of mobile systems. These are applicable on smartphones and tablets…

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