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Electrical Engineering Article

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Question A
Documentation entails retained and written records of events that are concerned with employment. The records entail legally, and government mandated factors, documents that are necessary for company practices and policy, documents that are necessary for references to human resource department as well as informal and formal records storing on employment occurrences. All these sectors need administrative documentation as this allows for easy management of the workflow.
More so, it enables a firm to achieve its missions much more accessible. It also assists in the delivery of services equitably and consistently. It allows an adequate performance of administrative duties in the company. The company can use the documentation in other aspects such as work instructions, procedures and also in computer software commands among many others.
Question B
Templafy is one of the most prominent document management software that can be used in offices. The software’s objective is to assimilate vital office suites and avail solutions to daily business operations. More so, it saves on time as it allows one to deal with a large volume of documents as well as manage them within a single feed. Due to the conveniences that administrative document management systems bring in a company most companies now prefer to go paperless (Sprague Jr, 31). This is because it reduces storage space, it beefs up the security of documents, it and heightens c…

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