Election of Andrew Jackson

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Election of Andrew Jackson

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Election of Andrew Jackson
Before his election as the United States’ Seventh President, Andrew Jackson had served as a soldier. As a statesman and a soldier in the US Army, he gained fame and later served in both houses of Congress. Andrew’s election to the presidency in 1828 was the 11th quadrennial presidential election. He carried 15 states and 178 electoral votes compared to Quincy Adams’ 83 electoral votes and 9 states. Running on the Democratic Party, Jackson defeated Quincy Adams the then president of the Democratic Party, and second president to lose re-election. His win marked a significant starting point for the Democratic Party’s Dominance (Parsons, 44).
The 1828 election is Andrew Jackson’s election is one of the most significant for having paved the way for party solidification. In the previous election, 1824, Quincy Adams became president although Jacksons had won the majority vote and plurality of the electoral since the House of Representatives decided the election. The 1828 election marked the essence of public opinion because of Jackson’s posture as the common man’s candidate. Unlike previous elections, the 1828 election saw a two-way contest between Republicans and Democrats. The election of Andrew Jackson was significant in the expansion of democracy and is credited for having passed power to the ordinary voters.
According to (Killion, 54), Jackson did not have a federalist pedigr…

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