EHR Challenges and Solutions

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EHR Challenges and Solutions

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Challenges and Solutions for Making EHRs Usable

Challenges and Solutions for Making EHRs Usable
Even though EHRs have many provide many benefits to healthcare practitioners, the systems have also come with some challenges that need to be solved to make them usable. This paper discusses some of these challenges and their proposed solutions, in addition to defining meaningful use and its relation to today’s EHRs.
Among the major challenges facing EHR systems today is cybersecurity. As EHR become more mature and hold an increasing amount of data, keeping data held safely is of key concerns as cybersecurity threat increase due to the value of the data held which could be used by companies and individuals for various purposes like the design of future medicines. The proposed solution to this issue is to educate all the staff members who use the systems on their proper systems. The hospital management should also place safeguards within their EHR to create a limit on the amount of data accessible by a single person (Siwicki, 2017).
Another great challenge that faces EHRs is the issue of interoperability. Most EHRs cannot communicate with each other as this increases the challenges of transferring data between different healthcare providers. EHRs should be able to communicate with each other as this increases the ease of having complete pictures of all patients. There should be set a certain standard that requires all EHRs compatible with each other to e…

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