Egyptian Revolution

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Egyptian Revolution

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Egyptian Revolution
For so long, the Egyptians awaited the revolution for freedom, free from corruption, justice, happiness and human dignity among other virtues. However, the virtues that people urged to see dwell in the society were compromised with ideals such as corrupt, impunity and evils. The main challenge to people is that they did not have people who could fight for their rights or even bring a light of hope to the masses. People continued to suffer and lose hope as their vision got blurred by some few conglomerate on leadership. However, in 2011 people’s hope was restored as some people realized the benefit of saving the society. It was the effort of Wael Ghonim and Adahf Soueif. Wael Ghonim is an Egyptian who lived in Kuwait prior to the revolution, working at Google; he used social media to spark Egyptians to protest. On the other hand, Soueif is an Egyptian, who wrote a memoir about the revolution. However, he spent most her adult life in England but identifies as both English and Egyptian. Both activists understood the Egyptian revolution in different ways and hence they mobilized the masses to wake up and agitate for their rights as well as restoring the path of their blurred destiny. The essay will base on the distant view of a minaret, revolution 2.0 and/or Cairo: the memoir of a city transformed.
People of Egypt never had any say to the government; officials and other people in the authority would carry out any activi…

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