effective/ineffective communications

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effective/ineffective communications

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Effective/Ineffective Communication

Effective/Ineffective Communication
Part A. Experiences with effective and ineffective communication
It is my experience that communication can either be effective or ineffective, dependent on what the message was coded and decoded. In this case, accurate coding and decoding to retain the original framework and message results in effective communication. In fact, effective communication results from a shared expectation, understanding, and context of the exchange. For that matter, ineffective communication would result from differences in the framework, expectations, context, and understanding that interfere with the coding and decoding to distort the message and ensure that both the sender and receiver have contrasting understandings of what the communication intended. Therefore, the effectiveness of communication is dependent on whether errors occurred to change the message that was given and received from what was intended.
I have been in situations that resulted in both effective and infective communications. These were based on how the message was transmitted and if it was decoded in the right way. My most memorable experiences with effective communication occurred during my childhood. I was not a difficult child but was prone to mischief without any regard for the consequences. On this particular day, I was supposed to attend school but ended up skipping. In this case, my decision to ditch afternoon school c…

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