Effecting Parenting

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Effecting Parenting

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Child Development
Discussion question 7.
Why early identification/intervention is crucial to a child’s development, early warning signs caregivers should look out for, and the most common issues these young children face (200-word minimum)?
Studies have proved that children who have reached the desired school age undergo the highest rate of learning and child development. Caregivers have to acknowledge that it is at this stage that children get early experiences which in the long term end up to define these children’s lives (TEIS). Although many see this intervention to be suited for children with disabilities, the process is needed across all children. Early intervention for starters is very significant to tackle early child developmental delays. Teaching parents and caregivers on this intervention help them recognize the delays and come up with solutions at an early stage. An example of a solution is by increasing the intensity of the simulation the child gets from the surrounding environment. Secondly, through early intervention, parents and caregivers are in a position to provide the child with a good foundation characterized by healthy relationships, the building of child self-control and effective communication (TEIS).
In summary, the intervention will guarantee future healthy adulthood. The implementation of these intervention programs provides the child with greater opportunities, especially in the educational learning process…

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