Effect/Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

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Effect/Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

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Teacher-Student Relationship
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Teacher-Student Relationship
Teachers play an essential role in ensuring the academic success of learners across all educational levels. How teachers relate with students is a crucial matter that plays a critical role in the educational environment. Hajovsky, Mason & McCune (2017) in their article titled “Teacher-student relationship quality and academic achievement in elementary school: A longitudinal examination of gender differences” examine how the relationship between teachers and students affect academic achievement for all students in elementary school. In the article, the authors sought to investigate how different genders are affected by various dimensions of the study such as measured math and achievement based on reading ability, the closeness between students and teachers and the conflict present between teachers and students. The samples were randomly taken from nationwide elementary age children. Of particular interests to the researchers were three main points. Firstly, measurements invariance inherent in different genders and time which were subjected to tests for variance in various parameters. Secondly, the researchers were interested to know whether the variance in the elements of conflict and closeness among students and teachers affected student’s achievement and finally the effects of changes in different gender groups. The research findings indicated that there was invariance exis…

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