Education Reforms

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Education Reforms

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Education Reforms
The nineteenth century can be described as a period of changes in America. Initially, politicians had a habit of either ignoring or avoiding several social issues. Such issues included alcoholism, education quality, women’s rights, and slavery among others. The desire to purify the society caused many reformers to tackle these subjects. These reform movements proved significant as far as the politics of the nineteenth century is concerned. Not all reforms are rated equally, (Bowles & Gintis 6). Some movements had more impact than others. The differences lie in the issues that each movement addressed. For this matter, the most crucial movement was one that involved improving the quality of education. This is because education is an important subject that knows no gender, age, race or religious affiliation. The lack of it tends to affect every aspect of the country.
Several reasons led to the education reforms in the United States. For instance, during the 17th and part of the 18th century, education opportunities varied with one’s gender, location, race and social class. White males occupying the north and middle colonies acquired primary education unlike those in the south. Home-schooling involving parents and tutors was very common in the south, (Bowles & Gintis 7). This proves that there was inequality as far as access to education was concerned. Training had also not been organized in the United States. I…

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