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Case Law Reflection on Rape
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Case Law Reflection on Rape
In this case, a 14-year old girl who is a registered student at Hope Academy fells victim of a brutal abduction and repeated sexual assault. On a legal perspective, Hope Academy faces a liability due to gross negligence and incapacity to guarantee student security.
Before this incident, the girl was admitted to the school with her profile indicating emotional, mental, and behavioral disability. Consequently, the school is expected to abide by the considerations and regulations articulated in the Education of the Handicapped Act. Furthermore, in the event of expulsion, the Act provides that any special needs students “shall remain in her then current educational placement” – she should not be expelled and should be given strict monitoring concerning her condition (The United States Supreme Court, 1988, Par. 1).Further, as outlined in Honing v. Doe (1988) case, the education of students with disability should follow procedural safeguard conditions and parental participation in any matters regarding their child’s education (The United States Supreme Court, 1988, Par. 1).
Therefore, Hope Academy is liable for the misfortunes that befall their student since they allowed the student to wander off without official release and signing off by her parents.
As the school’s principal, I will implement new policies and regulations regarding conduct, security, and suspensi…

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