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Education Argumentative essay

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Adaptive Leadership
Adaptive leadership is one that applies practical skills to help individuals and organizations get to adapt to the changing nature of environments and effectively respond positively without much pressure or resistance. Leaders support during the transition process of adapting to changes is the most necessary, According to Northouse, adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilizing persons to overcome severe problems and thrive on successfully (Northouse & Marie, 89). When an organization experiences persistent and recurrent challenges, they often go back into the drawing board to restructure either their technologies, employees expertise or training of necessary skills to adapt to the new changes. I believe that the case of Maria choosing to attend the Conference was a genuine one that the head teacher and parents should get to understand.
I am well convinced that the principal should have got a chance to learn about the benefits of Maria attending the conference in depth and this could help her achieve through consultations. Consulting other teachers and organizing a meeting would help gather different opinions that would help save the situation. If I were the head teacher, I would try to listen to varying views of both students and parents, and this would assist in arriving at the best solution towards the case of Maria which had caused an uproar hence a need for a quick adaptive measure. According…

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