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Battle on Religion in U.S Public Schools
The United States as a nation has occupants of mixed race with different religious backgrounds and beliefs. For a long period, religion in the public schools has posited fright with a lot of tension, misunderstanding, confusion, and hostility. It is argued that religions induce exclusivity when different believers tend to create their identity. Further, religious identity poses the believers to develop fundamental claims assertions which caused differences within the school (Suzanne, 1). Therefore, faith and religion are of the high stake and cannot be debated upon. It may be scanty while educators teach it to students, as others may not confine to what the law authorizes to be trained hence making it be in constant conflict in the public schools.
Court cases
The established First Amendment to the United States foundation restricts the Congress against enacting laws towards an organization of faith or prohibition of its complimentary exercise. Earlier, most public schools were indented to the culture of beginning school sessions with religious prayers and invocations, leading to numerous cases taken attracting legal notice. For instance, the case of “Engel v. Vitale in 1962, which was on the New York State Board of Regents prayer drafted to be read at the beginning of every school day in New York public schools ” (Suzanne, 6). The court lined that the prayer was an infring…

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