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Student Disabilities and Inclusion Decisions
1. Is Mrs. Better’s decision defensible?
Mrs. Better’s decision is not defensible. This is because the Individuals with Disability Education Act of 2014 (IDEA) allows for a reasonable standard of care to be met when catering to such students. The act obligates the schools to meet their needs regardless of their diversity, to ensure children get the appropriate education. Failure to do so might lead to physical injury to the children, which presents grounds for litigation against the school. The government also provides funds to individual states to cater for students with disabilities.
2. Is the parents’ request reasonable under the law?
One fundamental principle of the Individual with Disability Education Act is that children have the right to a free and appropriate public education at no extra cost to the parent, other than ordinary costs charged to everyone. Mental disability and seizure disorder qualifies the child, as they require special attention and related services. In addition, they directly affect the child’s ability to receive the proper education.
3. Is the provision of a nurse a related service if it is necessary for John to receive an appropriate education?
Involuntary movement of arms and legs, fainting or prolonged periods of unresponsiveness or confusion characterize seizure disorder. It directly affects learning, as the child is likely to miss wha…

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